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  • What are the advantages of SHR over conventional systems (IPL)?
    The treatment is very comfortable and completely painless and the skin is better protected than with traditional methods (IPL-elight) which allows for sun exposure 48 hours after the session. SHR technology also allows for much faster and more effective treatment.
  • Can all skin types undergo SHR Laser treatment?
    Yes. Light skin with dark hair responds more quickly to treatments, however, with SHR technology, the success of the treatment extends to darker skin and finer, blonder hair (more blonde does not mean blonde hair) and also redheads.
  • How many sessions are needed to put an end to hair?
    Os métodos da chamada depilação definitiva atuam sobre a raiz do pelo, destruindo-a e assim inibindo o seu crescimento. Trata-se de um processo progressivo, o que significa que são sempre necessárias várias sessões até se obter o efeito desejado. O número de sessões dependerá de vários fatores, tais como o tipo de pelo, a espessura, a cor, a densidade, a área a tratar e fatores hormonais. Estatisticamente, a média de sessões para eliminar o pelo é de seis a dez (dependendo do tipo de pele e pelo), sendo posteriormente necessário fazer manutenção para que o pelo não volte.
  • Are there any contraindications to having Laser Hair Removal?
    No contraindications were detected in the use of the SHR laser under normal health conditions, however, treatment should be avoided in the following cases: - Oncological disease - Epilepsy - Pregnancy - Breastfeeding (due to hormonal issues) - Type I diabetes - Very dry or dehydrated skin - Taking photosensitive medications (antibiotics, treatment of arrhythmias, diuretics, anti-inflammatories, acne treatment, retinol only in the application area, antidepressants, etc.) - Heart problems or taking anticoagulants - Pacemaker - Feverish state
  • I have tattoos, can I have Laser Hair Removal?
    Of course yes, there are no contraindications to laser hair removal for people with tattoos. However, due to the pigment in the tattoo, the laser cannot be applied directly to the tattoo or its surroundings, and a safety perimeter must be ensured around the tattooed area.
  • Can I have Laser hair removal during pregnancy? What about during breastfeeding?
    A depilação a laser está contraindicada durante os períodos de gravidez, não havendo evidências científicas quanto à amamentação. No caso de estar a amamentar: Não há riscos nem incompatibilidades com esse período. Sendo a amamentação um período hormonal diferente, em que há produção de hormonas que muitas vezes interferem com o crescimento e produção de pelos, não nos é possível garantir a eficácia do tratamento no tempo esperado pois varia muito de pessoa para pessoa. Deixamos à consideração de cada um decidir adiar ou experimentar e verificar os resultados.
  • Will I notice results right after the first session?
    Undoubtedly. About two weeks after the first session, the hair falls out naturally and some grows back. Some areas may already have some gaps and the hair that returns will be thinner and weaker.
  • Can I shave any area of the body?
    Yes, the SHR Laser is indicated for safe use on any area of the body, except eyebrows.
  • What care should I take from the moment I start treatment?
    After each session, you should avoid sun exposure for 48 hours and apply a good moisturizing cream in the days following the treatment. You must also inform the Laser Place professional if you start taking any medication or any type of medical treatment.
  • Does the SHR Laser cause skin cancer?
    No. There is a huge confusion between laser light from hair removal and ultraviolet laser light, which can be harmful. Many people keep in mind that carrying out this procedure frequently contributes to the appearance of skin cancer. However, this is wrong. The laser's function is to act on the hair, more precisely on the hair's melanin, therefore, it cannot cause the formation of tumors, as it does not cause any changes in the cells' DNA. Thus, it becomes a safe way to permanently remove hair.
  • Is the first session really free?
    Yes, the first session is completely free and without any commitment for new customers across the Laser Place network. In this session, full body treatment can be carried out for both men and women.
  • How should I prepare for the First SHR Laser Hair Removal Session?
    You must attend the laser hair removal session with your hair cut to a length of approximately 1mm to 2mm. In the case of cutting with a razor, it will be about 2 days before the treatment, in the case of a cutting machine (zero comb) it will be about 1 day before the treatment. If this is the 1st Session, and so that the technician can assess the condition and characteristics of the hair, it is recommended that you leave a small portion of one of the areas to be treated untreated. This area will be waxed on site, using the technique, before starting the laser treatment.
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